Aplikasi Marketplace Di Kota Medan Berbasis Mobile

  • M Arie Andhika Universitas Potensi Utama Medan
  • Wirhan Fahrozi Informatika, Universitas Potensi Utama, Medan
Keywords: Marketplace, Android, Java, Mysql


The process of buying and selling goods at several online shops to sell their products easily. Here, buyers will also gather to get various kinds of products they need. So it can be concluded that the main function of the marketplace is as a liaison between buyers and sellers. The sellers generally do not have to pay for the rental of the online shop stalls. This means that anyone can join and become a seller in the marketplace. We cannot control who and the background or motives of the sale. We also don't know for sure about how reliable the seller selling their products is. However, over time, the marketplace has undergone many developments to minimize the possibilities that could harm consumers so that security is increasingly tightened, such as using finger prints as an identification authentication code in using the system so that one application can only be accessed by one user, which is better and better. safe. There is still a data collection of goods which is still conventional, namely by entering the data into a price list book, sales transaction book and so on. So doing transactions and entering the data must open the sales transaction data collection book. From the problems above, it is expected that people who have shops and those who do not have shops and companies will be more easily recognized because the products offered can be seen and accessed by the public if they maximize the use of the internet as a sales and promotion medium. The marketplace information system will be a place to conduct business activities and transactions between buyers and sellers.


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