Language Shift of Mandailing Language on Mandailingnese Family in Bilah Hulu

  • Muhammad Fauzi Romadhon Marpaung Universitas Al Washliyah Labuhanbatu
  • Ayu Raden Sri Ayu Ramadhana Universitas Al Washliyah Labuhanbatu
  • Syahraini Ritonga Universitas Al Washliyah Labuhanbatu
  • Defri Rahmat Universitas Al Washliyah Labuhanbatu
Keywords: Language Shift;, Mandailingnese;, Mandailing Language;, Bilah Hulu;


The study focused on describing the language shift of Mandailing Language in Mandailingnese family in Desa Pondok Batu, Bilah Hulu. To reach the purpose, this study was conducted by descriptive qualitative. The sample of this study is the Mandailing people who lived in Desa Pondok Batu, Bilah Hulu. The language shift of Mandailing language is investigated through the language use of Mandailingnese families in Desa Pondok Batu, Bilah Hulu especially in Dusun Sukamulia. In collecting the data, the method used to analyze the data is a list of structured questions to obtain information from a number of respondents.  The result of the study indicated that there is language shift in teenager and adult level. In teenagers level there were 32% sample who used Mandailing language in their family and in adults level there were 44 % who used Mandailing language in family. On the contrary, in parents level there were no language shift in family, the percentage of the calculation is more than 50% so, there is no language shift in parents level.


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